Free Skool Now  (FSKN)  is a community led and fully free virtual space for collaborative education and public programming that brings together creatives across artistic fields to share skills, concepts, opportunities, ideas

& political thought in the form of courses, workshops, clubs, events, and open source resources for all to access and attend. >>>>>

Part MFA-alternative, part new-world-building & collectively conceived brainchild, FSKN was established as an urgent response to the profound social, economic, and cultural inequities as they are perpetuated and upheld both within and outside the art world and its institutions.


Utilizing the advantages and potential that artist-run virtual spaces can provide in the realms of collective programming, radical accessibility & sustainable large-scale collaboration, FSKN welcomes anyone interested in being a part of the movement to join us as a teacher, learner, or organizer, or any hybrids that exist in-between these modes of participation.  ///////////////////////////////////////////


As the ongoing pandemic continues to permanently shutter flagship spaces that had become homes to some of our most vulnerable communities, specifically those that are queer, crip, alternatively abled, immigrant, and bipoc-owned or led, there has been no shortage of immediate need to create new worlds and places for our scattered communities to heal, grow, and reconnect.


Through this collective work of rewriting the discourse, cultivating community consciousness, and critical reconstruction, we hope that that this platform provides a radically expansive space to hold and build them together. ////////////////////////////////////

After a year and a half of bearing witness to the myriad of ways the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these fundamentally interconnected disparities while simultaneously rendering creative collaboration indefinitely screen bound, ­the skool aims to provide a familiar yet reimagined platform that pivots away from returning to these corrupt and obsolete systems in exchange for co-creating  entirely new ones. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Still Life with Goldfish Roy Lichtenstei