riel Sturchio  

riel (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice often utilizes photography and its extensions. Sturchio uses their experiences as a queer, non-binary, chronically ill artist to provoke, and criticize socially idealized normative fantasies of beauty, ability, and gender identity. They pair their academic background in critical queer phenomenology, bodily disorientation, and affect to explore the sculptural tactility of sound, the mediation of distance through varieties of touch, and the value of bodily awareness. They are interested in how their body is forced into disorientation through disease and use this perspective as a foundation for evoking affect through their work.


Mercedes Mack

"mercedes" (she/her) is an analog

mystic in a digital world. She is currently practicing giving up her point of view and her opinion, and is available for booking to help guide you in discovering and exploring magical solutions. ✨


Tanya Karina ​

Tanya Karina (they/she) is a queer latinx performance artist from Brooklyn NY, currently residing in Austin TX. They are a resident artist and co-producer for the House of Yes, a Brooklyn based performance arts collective. Their talents include dancing, clowning, stilt walking and figure modeling. She enjoys curating and performing immersive experiences that engage the audience for unforgettable magical moments. 


IG: @dance.heals.all


Mercedes Williams 

Mercedes/Sadie Williams (she/her) is a writer from Vermont who lives in Mexico City. She likes to make zines and poems. 


Devin Alejandro-Wilder 

Devin (they/them) is a latinx

transdisciplinary artist who manipulates organic and digital matter, materials, media, and processes to make work in-between the realms of installation, photography, new media, experiential

performance, and social praxis. Currently based in their home state of Texas, they are a studio member at the Museum of Human Achievement, a participant in the artist-run project, The Revolution School: Operation Scrooge and the League of Superheroes led by Jennifer Moon, and the lead administrator and founder of Free Skool Now (FSKN). 🚀🌈

IG:  @chicano_boyfriend__